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In the last periode of my school, I’ve create suc a Masterpiece for Final Project. I create software to recognize a chord sequence of a whole song, that implement LVQ algorithm. This software I built on Delphi 6. Here is the abstract of my research :



Chord recognition is one of sound recognition subject. Automatic music recognition system on computer simulate human ability for retrieve chord of music just by hear itc. In this research, recognition applied for music file in wav format. Output of recognition is chord sequence that retrieved from input music and displayed frame by frame. Music file in wav format, as time window signal, divide into several frames where each frame include 16384 sound sample. Each frame then transform by FFT method into frequency domain signal. Each FFT coefficient mapped into PCP based on suitable pitch class. This PCP become input for neural network after scaled at 0–1 range. Learning and recognition process of neural network perform by Learning Vector Quantization algorithm with learning rate 0,1 and maximum iteration 100000 for learning process. Recognition result of 10 songs with various genre show the accuracy of recognition reach 94% for solo music, 75% for full music, and 79% for full music converted from midi file.

As soon as possible, i’ll upload the my Masterpeace, and all of you can download it for FREE. I plan to continue the development of this software, so i need your support, donation, and guidence for better development. Thanks for your attention. And sorry about my english 😀


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    • fundye
    • Posted February 5, 2009 at 8:25 am
    • Permalink

    wah keren tuh
    aku juga ngerjain project yang sama buat Tugas Akhir ku. . .

    kalo boleh share” dunk

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